HERS Rater Training Information

BER's HERS Rater Training | March 7 - March 12, 2016 | Bowling Green, KY

BUILDING EFFICIENCY RESOURCES (BER) is proud to announce that we will be presenting a HERS Rater Training, March 7 - March 12, 2016 | Bowling Green, KY.

BER's HERS Rater training is a blend of self-guided pre-course study, online training, classroom training and field training, and includes all required examinations. BER's training
package provides participants with everything needed to complete all training requirements per RESNET Standards.

  • When: Monday, March 7, 2016 at 8:00 AM - Saturday, March 12, 2016 at 6:00 PM (CST) - Add to Calendar

  • Location: Western Kentucky University Center for Research and Development- 2413 Nashville Road, Suite B8 Bowling Green, Kentucky 42101 - View Map

  • Hotel Information: Located across the street is Staybridge Suites, 680 Campbell Ln, Bowling Green, KY 42101 Ph:(270) 904-0480 Negotiated rate for attendees is $109
    per night. Nice Hotel, well recommended.

  • The cost of the course is $2,000 per person and includes all class materials

  • REGISTRATION: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/hers-rating-course-tickets-20586162767

Please read below for more detailed information on our HERS rater training package.

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BER's all-inclusive HERS Rater Training package includes:

$2,000 course price includes all of the following:

  • Online & self-guided pre-course study resources:
    • all reading and study materials and practice problems,
    • full access to online quizzes, and RESNET exam prep questions
  • Residential Energy book

  • Classroom & Field Instruction:
    • 3 days classroom training includes Building Science and HERS Rater concepts, REM/Rate software training & RESNET exam preparation
    • 2 day field training includes introduction to field data collection and testing on one home, and full confirmed rating field data collection and hands-on performance
      testing using Blower Door, Duct Blaster and ventilation testing equipment
    • Fully catered lunch and refreshments each day
  • REZCAZ Combustion Safety training:
    • Online RESNET combustion safety & work scope training: includes access to all interactive online training modules and materials
    • RESCAZ hands-on field training includes gas leak detection, ambient & Oven CO testing, worst-case depressurization set-up & combustion appliance CO &
      spillage testing
  • 2 HERS Training Ratings:
    • HERS Rater hands-on field training for two homes, including one confirmed rating
    • HERS rating from plans includes set of house plans and specifications
  • RESNET Exams: includes set-up, exam fees and proctoring for all three required RESNET exams:
    • National Rater exam
    • RESCAZ multiple choice exam
    • RESCAZ simulation exam
  • Technical support: includes 90 day post-training support
  • Software: includes 90 day trial license for REM/Rate software, provided by NORESCO
  • Certificates include:
    • HERS Rater Training Certificate upon completion of all training requirements

Optional HERS Rater Certification Package
Students who complete the training and pass all exams will qualify to sign up with BER as their RESNET QA Provider and complete the final steps for HERS Rater Certification
at a reduced package price of $1,000, including ENERGY STAR Rater Certification. This limited time offer is available to all HERS Rater candidates who complete BER’s
Rater Training Course and register within 90 days of course completion. More details will be provided during the training.

For further questions regarding the training, please feel free to contact us at 1-800-399-9620 or email us at info@theber.com

  • To view currently scheduled trainings, please visit our Training Calendar.
  • To learn more about the different paths to becoming a certified HERS Rater please click here.
  • To learn more about the HERS Rater Training prerequisites, course content and Rater Exam, please see below.

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HERS Rater Training Prerequisites
Attendance at the six-day training allows candidates to take the test without meeting the normal prerequisites for the test (a minimum of two years field experience and at
least 10 blower door tests). However, for those who do not already have a strong, or current, background in building science, attendance at the training alone may not be
sufficient to pass the test. Candidates are encouraged to study on their own prior to the rater training course using such reference materials as Residential Energy, by
John Krigger. This book, covers basic home performance technical material and is easy to refer to while looking up information.
Class Content
The class includes a thorough review of basic energy concepts, field experience with blower door testing and duct blasting, training on the latest version of rating software,
and performing a home energy rating and entering the data into REM/Rate. To meet RESNET’s new field testing requirements each student will conduct a field rating
and blower door test in the presence of a trainer. Space is limited and acceptance is by order of deposits received.

This class covers the following topics:

Basic Energy Concepts
  • House as a System
  • Energy and moisture transfer
  • Thermal envelope and windows
  • Air leakage problems and solutions
  • Ventilation and indoor air quality
  • Basic energy load calculations
  • Diagnostic testing with blower door and duct blaster
  • HVAC systems, combustion and venting basics
  • Hands-on practice with blower door and duct blaster
  • Advanced Insulation Techniques

HERS Ratings
  • What are HERS Ratings
  • Conducting The Home Energy Rating
  • Using Rating software
  • Processing a Rating
  • Marketing and Service Delivery
  • Energy Mortgages
  • Working with contractors and bid process
  • Rater Policies and Quality Control
National Rater Exam
The National Rater Exam was developed by RESNET, and a passing grade of 80 or above is required to be a certified HERS Rater. The exam covers the material
presented during the five-day class itself as well as technical material on basic building science that is outside of the material covered in class.

The exam is administered by a trainer at the completion of a rater training class. The exam can also be taken through a qualified local proctor by individuals who are
experienced raters and have already produced ratings according to the current RESNET standards. The rater exam is "open book," and therefore test-takers are
encouraged to bring books/resources, calculator, etc. to the exam with them. Although the exam is taken while logged in to the Internet, no email or text messaging is
allowed during the exam.