Self-Guided Independent HERS Rater Training

For some professionals, the cost and time out of work of following the traditional route to certification is not feasible. This alternative path to the traditional classroom training is intended for industry professionals who have a background in one or more of the following fields: construction, engineering, building science, energy audits and energy modeling.

Although this approach to certification is not for everyone, it can be significantly less expensive, as forgoing attending the training allows a rater candidate to avoid most of the cost associated with travel, lodging, food, and the actual cost of the training itself.

Our BER HERS Rater Training and Certification Package is a blend of self-guided study, online training, field training, and includes all examinations. BER provides training materials and support throughout this process to prepare the Rater Candidate for the successful completion of the required exams, two training ratings and three provisional ratings to become Certified.


  • A background in one or more of the following fields:
    • construction
    • engineering
    • building science
    • energy audits
    • energy modeling
  • General Computer Literacy
  • A laptop with the ability to run videos in a modern format
  • Self-discipline on your part to complete all components within a 12 month or less timeframe

Although BER ultimately has the discretion to decide whether a candidate is a good fit for this alternative path to becoming a Certified HERS Rater, we are willing to discuss the option with any candidate who is interested.


  • The ability to complete the course at your own pace
  • No travel required on your part
  • Reduced overall cost
  • Scheduling flexibility
  • Little to no negative impact on your normal work schedule
  • Field training and mentorship is performed one-on-one with a BER instructor


  • Self-study training package: includes all reading and study materials in digital format, practice problems, full access to online quizzes, and RESNET exam prep questions.
    • Hard copy of the textbook available for an additional charge of $100.
  • Online RESNET combustion safety & work scope training (CAZ) and RESNET HERS Practical Simulation training: includes access to all interactive online training
    modules and materials, including a one-year license to both online virtual training platforms through Interplay.
      Please note all Simulation training and exams are the sole responsibility of RESNET and Interplay. Technical support will be provided by Interplay.
      Complete contact information will be provided. BER is not responsible for simulation software or issues thereof.
  • Online mentoring: includes up to 2 hours of online support before exams are scheduled, via live online meeting space.
  • Exams: Includes one exam each, set-up costs and exam fees. Student to find suitable proctor site and provide BER with scheduling information for exam.
  • Provisional Rater Training Certification Mentorship : 5 provisional HERS ratings
    • includes mentoring process for completion of all 5 ratings, via 1 field visit, email and phone support
    • 2 Ratings from plans
      • two set of house plans and specifications for two rating from plans
      • review and grading of both rating files
    • 3 mentored ratings in the field
      • one-on-one field mentoring for two homes
        • HERS rating field training: includes a full day of one-on-one, hands on field training for one home
        • RESNET Combustion Safety field training: includes one-on-one field training for one home
        • 2 homes to be selected & scheduled by student but must meet required criteria
      • One rating to be completed independently and mentor reviewed by BER trainer
    • review and grading of all 5 rating files
  • Energy Modeling license: includes 12-month training sub-license to students' choice of REM/Rate or Ekotrope energy modeling software.
  • Optional ENERGY STAR version 3.0/3.1 Rater Training: includes online access to BER's ESv3.0/3.1 Rater Training
    • Deduction available if training is not desired
  • Certificates include:
    • HERS Rater Training Certificate upon completion of all training requirements
    • HERS Rater Certificate upon completion of all certification requirements
    • ENERGY STAR Rater Certificate upon completion of ESv3.0/3.1 online Rater training if purchased
  • Membership: includes the following:
    • 12 months of membership in the BER HERS Rating Providership, including BER’s industry leading technical support
    • BER Rater Portal account, with access to all HERS rating tools and resources
  • Rater Association membership: includes 12-month membership to NEHERS Alliance

All training can be performed without attending a traditional HERS Rater training course or leaving home. The field training and probationary ratings can all be scheduled on consecutive days.

The package price for all the above is $2,800.00, which includes a $200 pay-in-full discount. This is the lowest price in the industry. If you are interested in a payment plan, we can schedule one for you.

If you choose to pursue BER HERS Rater Training and Certification, please send us a confirmation of your decision, along with a copy of your resume or cover letter explaining why you believe you are qualified for the BER HERS Rater Training and Certification Package to: Then, click below to register.